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NACTE 2011

The Nevada Association of Career and Technical Education (NACTE) held it’s annual conference last week in Lake Tahoe. After missing last year’s conference to attend SIGGRAPH, I was looking forward to attending this year. I always like to meet with teachers that teach in a similar field from across the state. In addition, I was presenting during one of the breakout sessions on the use of iPads and Google Apps to manage a classroom (details to come in the near future).

The focus of the keynote speakers were on budget cuts that Career and Technical Education (CTE), and specifically Nevada, are facing. The opening keynote speaker was Kimberly Green who is the Executive Director for the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium. Ms. Green did an excellent job of focusing on the challenges that CTE faces nationally and how it applies to Nevada. Once Ms. Green completed her speech, I think that many teachers in the room were feeling a little depressed about the outlook. I will admit that I was a little depressed, but I can either go through the rest of my educational career depressed over federal and state finances or I can get motivated to do something.

The desire to do something instead of nothing is why I have rebranded this blog. I plan on discussing issues that are relevant to CTE, but a blog is not going to be enough to change the outlook for CTE funding. I am currently assessing what else I can do to help champion the importance of CTE besides writing letters to my legislators. I will document my progress on this blog and I encourage all CTE teachers to get involved to insure that CTE is funded and supported at appropriate levels.