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ISTE Day 3 – The End of a Great Conference

I know this is a day late, but the travel after the ISTE conference and work today caused the delay.

I only attended two “formal” sessions on day three and spent some time watching presentations from Adobe and Google on the exhibit floor. I also went for a walk to Seaport Village before heading to the airport.

Session 1: It’s All About You: Next Steps for Personalized Learning – This was not my first choice, but the session held by Buck’s Institute was full. This was a very informative session and it was nice to see that our school (and myself) is working towards some of the goals that the Department of Education is looking towards in personalized learning. I was also able to see what our school needs to work on.

Session 2: LOL@ ISTE: Cloud Today and the Potential for Rain – After attending serious and informative sessions for two days and change, it was nice to attend a very funny session.

This may be the best conference that I have attended as a teacher. I am looking forward to digesting information for the next few days, continuing to discussions on Twitter, and posting more thoughts here.