A New Year as an FBLA Adviser

Tomorrow is our first FBLA meeting of the school year. It is the one drawback of having meetings on Mondays because tomorrow is the first chance we get to meet due to Labor Day Weekend. I am really excited and nervous about this year’s FBLA activities.

I am excited because it looks like I have a motivated executive board that is more active than my previous boards. This is mainly due to the experiences the board members have had in the previous two years. They have seen what has worked and not worked for previous boards and are willing to try new things.

I am nervous due to the new things the board wants to do. They want to attend leadership conferences, compete in the state conference, and are willing to do work outside the every other Monday meetings. I am proud that they want to do these things, but I’m nervous because I want to make sure that they can participate in these activities. This means that I now have to learn and complete the proper paperwork for trips which I have never done before and make sure that the students are properly fundraising for the events.

Yesterday, I attended an adviser training provided for FBLA advisers in the district. After the training, I am more confident that I can accomplish these tasks, provide the proper leadership for my members, and contribute some new ideas for the club. I may be excited and nervous about this year in FBLA, but I think the excitement is overtaking my nerves.