Twitter, IFTTT, and Evernote for Taking Notes

At a recent conference, I was teasing a friend between sessions that I didn’t see any tweets from him during the last session. He mentioned that he was too busy taking notes to tweet. I mentioned that my tweets are a main component of my notes during conferences.

I do like to share the information that I am learning at a conference for those who are not lucky enough to attend. I have also found that trying to take notes then tweet is both time consuming and that I can miss something while trying to share my notes. My note-taking process during a conference is using Twitter, Evernote, and an IFTTT recipe.

I always have Evernote open during a conference to take notes because not all content is necessary Twitter worthy, but is necessary for me to know and keep. There also tend to be instances where 140 characters are simply not enough to thoroughly take the notes.

Using an IFTTT recipe (similar to this one) that saves all of my favorite tweets to Evernote, I am able to capture my tweets as notes in Evernote. This recipe is helpful in two ways. The first is that the material that is Twitter worthy gets typed in 140 characters and tweeted without being typed into or copied from Evernote notes. Once the session over, I quickly favorite my own tweets. These tweets are sent as separate notes to my Evernote inbox folder. The second is that I can favorite tweets from either the same session or other sessions going on at the conference and have those tweets go to my Evernote inbox as well. This is great for when people are tweeting apps, ideas, or quotes from other sessions that I want to look into at a later time.

After the conference is over, I tend to debrief with my notes and combine them into one or two master notes with different sections for the main topics. All of my tweets are saved as separate notes and I pull the relevant information into my master notes. In addition, it gives me time to review the tweets that I favorited that I didn’t have time to look into during the conference sessions.

I realize that this may be a little time consuming, but I do like essentially “live” tweeting from conferences and being able to save some time by letting my tweets be my notes.