ACTE Region V Recap

The ACTE Region V Conference is one of my favorite conferences to attend. It is small enough that you can easily network with others and you get to steal/borrow ideas from other states to apply them into your school or state. This year’s conference was no exception as it provided some informative sessions and great chances to talk to fellow educators. Here is a brief recap of the sessions I attended:

  • Leadership 101 – While I attended this one late due to a flight, I still got some great information about advocacy and was able to identify some other state leaders to discuss the benefits/drawbacks of potentially being a unified state later in the conference.
  • First Time Attendee Reception – This is not my first Region V conference, as part of the Membership Committee, I attended this conference and discussed the things I wish I knew at my first conference. That lesson was to network with others and not to be afraid to talk to those who have been attending the conference for years and in some cases decades.
  • Working Together for Success: Core & CTE – This session was led by one of the teachers I work with and I was there for moral support and to answer some logistics questions about how we run school-wide PBL activities.
  • Industry Tour at Harley-Davidson – This was probably the one thing that went really wrong. We showed up 10-15 minutes late (despite leaving on-time) and were refused a tour of the manufacturing plant.
  • ACTEAZ Circle of Distinction – This was a very informative session on how Arizona ACTE utilizes the decision-makers in companies to help them advocate for CTE which they desperately needed this year. It is definitely something that I want to incorporate in Nevada and I also learned that I don’t want to move to Arizona.
  • Introduction to Effective Advocacy Techniques – When it comes to advocacy, you can’t get enough tips and ideas. This was a great session that gave me some ideas and was interesting to see how California CTE has been advocating for such a large state.
  • State of the State – This is the business meeting. I gave Nevada’s state of the state, but it is interesting to hear about the educational climates in other states and how states are dealing with legislators and membership concerns.
  • Leadership Networking – This was an informal meeting that involved adult beverages. It was another chance for state leaders to ask questions of other leaders and to get some advice.

While I couldn’t stay to the end of the conference, I did enjoy my short stay in Kansas and at Region V. Next year, it is in San Diego and it looks like they have some great things planned.