The Start of Three Educational Things

After reading a blog post on Evernote and opening a new tab for each interesting hyperlink, I came across I have a hard time blogging because I can always come up with an excuse not write – not enough time, nothing to write about, and the list could go on. 27 Good Things gave me an idea to post on this site that would not necessarily be time consuming and provide me a forum to provide information to the general public.

I am not going to provide 27 Good Things, but I am going to reduce it down to three educational things. I am going to break this down into three categories:

  • What did I read or see that involves career and technical education today
  • What did I read or see that involves technology education today
  • What did I see in a classroom today

I hope this concept helps me post more frequently and provide relevant information to teachers that they can use inside or outside their classrooms.