ACTE Vision2013

For the past four days, I have been attending the ACTE Vision2013 Conference (online program). Networking, listening to keynote speakers, learning new information is always great, but I have some mixed impressions about this conference for a variety of reasons that I will highlight below:

The Good:

  • Three keynote speakers and all three were excellent. Probably the best keynotes I have seen at an ACTE conference.
  • Technology – Free WiFi and it was fairly fast, ACTE Mobile App, text messages for Vision2014. This was a significant improvement from the last few years where there was no WiFi or it was $20 per day.
  • Information – The information in the sessions I did attend was helpful and I plan to use it in the near future.
  • Leadership Training (pre-conference) – I didn’t know what to expect, but I learned a lot from these two sessions.
  • My first conference as a state leader. This meant some required events where I got to meet some new people from a variety of other states.
  • Nevada receiving a QAS award for it’s association.

The Not as Good:

  • The conference was in a town that I live in. It was hard to stay motivated to attend networking events when my family and warm bed were waiting for me.
  • My first conference as a state leader meant that there were sessions I could not attend because of the required events. Being in the state leader meetings will more than balance out the missed information especially since the presentations will be online.
  • Session length – 90 minutes was a little long for the sessions. I liked last year’s format with 2 hour “Deep Dives” in some topics and 1 hour “Idea Labs” for others. I realize this is logistically difficult, but I thought ACTE did a great job last year with it and disappointed they bailed on it after only one year.