ACTE Vision 2012: Days 2 and 3

I know that I promised a post on My Vision 2012 sessions yesterday, but it was a busy day and I didn’t get back to the hotel until late last night. The second day sessions were just as good as the first day’s.

Session 1: Imagine Tomorrow: Where Information Technology Projects Are Interactive, Student-driven and Engaging From Conception to Completion

I will admit that I am biased about this session because two of my fellow Southwest CTA teachers were the presenters, but this was an excellent sessions. The focus of the presentation was on developing student-driven projects that are not only meet the course goals but also engaging and interactive. The presenters described how the senior class has created a company that builds websites for clients. The students created departments, apply for jobs, and assign tasks for projects while the instructor is there for guidance. Students in their other classes have created a virtual tour of the school through QR codes and hosted a technology conference for middle school students through these student-driven projects. It is a great opportunity for students to take ownership in their education.

Session 2: Implementing a Successful Credentialing Program

This session was not on my original list, but after hearing the things that are going on in Virginia Beach, I decided to attend this session. The number of credentials that this district is using is incredible. While this is not something I can’t directly use in my classroom, it will help me advocate for getting certifications in my classroom and other classroom in my school. Students and employers see the true value of these credentials and it is a great way to make sure students are career ready.

Session 3: Effective State Leadership for CTE
I had not planned on attending a session during this time slot, but my principal encouraged me to go. I have seen Dr. Daggett’s presentation before on our campus and it was great to hear some of it again. I was impressed with what the state of Georgia is doing with their performance framework. While the main components of the framework are similar to ours, it was interesting to see the areas where schools could earn bonus points. These included capstone projects for seniors and portfolios in the 5th grade. These ideas are not earth shattering or particularly difficult and make great sense, it makes me worry about where Nevada is headed because it seems like we are slow to include reforms like these.

Session 4: The Globalization of Technical Education Partnerships

Another sessions where there were not a lot of things that could go directly into my classroom, but provided me with some advocacy information that I can take to others. The partnerships that the panel members have formed in countries like Germany, Morocco, Greece, and China are incredible. They have formed great relationships that is a win for all parties.

I didn’t attend any in the final time slot because I was attending a Nevada ACTE board meeting to start planning our summer conference. It is a rarity when most of the board is together in one place so it was great to be in a room together to start hashing out the structure for our conference.

Day 3:
On the final day, I did not attend any individual sessions, but I did attend the closing session. Roland Fryer was the perfect final day speaker. He was funny, engaging, informative, and in the end gave us something to think about. It is with positive speakers like him and conferences like ACTE that give me hope that education is moving in the right direction.

I can’t wait for ACTE Vision 2013 in Las Vegas. I have great expectations for the sessions there since each year I attend ACTE, I learn more and more through the sessions.