Dumbing Down of CTE in Wisconsin?

This week I read two articles from an ACTE email newsletter that discussed the state of Wisconsin creating a vocational diploma. At first glance, I am thinking that this is a good idea, but then I read the articles. Both of these articles were lacking specifics, but the impression that I am left with is that Wisconsin is going to bypass some math, English, and science classes in order to create the vocational diploma.

While math, English, and science may not be subjects that are directly related certain vocational degrees, they are not less important because they are not directly related. Students will need these subjects as most jobs do need these skills in some manner. Hopefully, the details will point out that the students will still be responsible for the classes, but in a slightly different setting. For example, classes title “Math for Culinary” or the “Science of Welding” will be used to replace the standard classes. If not, I don’t think Wisconsin is doing their populace any favors and are not preparing students for the high-skill, high education jobs that this country will be depending on in the future.

The two articles I am referencing can be found at: