Schools Partnering with Businesses

I was recently reading an article from the Wall Street Journal that discussed the opening of P-Tech. The goal of P-Tech is to provide high school students with a six-year education that includes an associate’s degree in a computer science field and an opportunity to work for IBM.

This is the route that many CTE high schools need to pursue, especially in IT. The seamless integration between high school, college credit, and a career is something that most high school CTE teachers would love to see. I can’t count how many times that I have sat in a discussion with other high school teachers and discussed ideas similar to this. In Las Vegas, we are slowly getting discussions going about dual-credit with college, but the colleges are always concerned about their accreditation and budget cuts.

I realize that developing a program similar to P-Tech or an effective dual-credit program takes time, but we are living and teaching in an era that is quickly evolving and time is not on our side.