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GTAMTV Review – Where to Start?

This is a question that I have been asking myself since I returned from the Google Teacher Academy – Mountain View. I have so much information that I want to share with my colleagues, students, and educators around the country that I have no idea where to start. I’ve tried breaking it down by tool, relevant subject area, and/or importance, but I have found that there is too much overlap and it was becoming more work than when I started.

Partial Notes from GTAMTV

During my prep period today, I went into the principal’s conference room and just started writing on the whiteboard. I put ideas, tools, subject areas, and whatever else I thought on the board. I started drawing arrows, questions marks, and asterisks. The whiteboard looks like a mess and after a half hour or so, my principal walked in to see what I was doing in her conference room.

She smiled and asked me to explain one of the items on the board. I picked the research tools in Google Docs because it is something that can help our teachers right away. From there, I started to randomly work my way around the board trying to do a quick summary of each item. Another teacher walked into the room and says, “Tell me about the YouTube thing.” I give a quick summary of the YouTube Editor and move on to one of the other related topics. I stop to take a breath and my principal asks me to stop talking and asks what are the most important items that you can do professional development on that will get the school the biggest bang for the buck.

I circle about five broad topics that will have the biggest impact on the school. We work out a date in January and I am going to be presenting those topics to a select group of students and teachers that want to come in on a Saturday to learn more about Google. I am going to develop the presentation as a “train the trainer” style professional development because those students and teachers will be able to go to their departments and friends and show them some of the great things that I learned next week.

Professional development with Google tools is not part of my action plan since I do a lot of professional development already with Google Apps and iPads. Today was a good day. I was able to finally organize some thoughts, get feedback, and start to create a plan to share what I have learned. I plan to post more information about my experiences at GTAMTV and share the knowledge that I learned, but I first needed to find a place to start and with some help from my friends, I found that place.